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Addons Detector

Downloads: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Version: 3.32 (69)
by denper

Addons Detector detects addons used by your installed applications. It has all the tools to find push notification ads and icon ads. If you are looking for the app that uses AirPush or other push notifications, you can easily find the app and uninstall. Besides push notifications, using this app is a great way to see what advertising agencies apps use, and what tools they have integrated. Does the normal scan not detect the spam ads? Enable the notification monitor and you can easily see which program puts a notification in your notification area. Another cool feature that we added is the live scanner. This scanner scans newly installed and updated apps for selected addon categories and displays a notification if they are found. This feature is reserved for users that have donated. If you are getting shortcut spam on your homescreen, we've added a new icon ad monitor that should detect that too. **To support us you can now easily donate through inapp billing.** ** Beta testers: If you want to beta test new functionality join our Google+ beta test group: and follow the instructions to receive beta updates through Google Play. **The current list of addons we detect: (note: addon definitions are updated from the server, so there may be more than on this list. Check the help function to see all the addons we can detect) #Push Notifications#AirPush, Airpush Hidden (Suspected), Appenda, Beluga Boost, Custom PushAds (Appbucks), Custom PushAds (Bobgame), Custom PushAds (Feelingtouch), Custom PushAds (Letang), Custom PushAds (Nulldroid), LeadBolt, Moolah Media, Senddroid, TapIt #Advertising#AdFonic, Adinch, AdKnowledge, Adlantis, AdMaker, Admarvel, AdMob, Admoda, AdSense, Aduru, AdWhirl, AirAd, Amobee, Appbrain, Burstly, BuzzCity, Cauly, Chartboost, Daum, Domob, Everbadge, GreyStripe, Huntmads, InMobi, Inneractive, JumpTap, Komli, Madhouse, Madvertise, MDotM, Medialets, Mediba, Millenial, MobClix, MobFox, MOcean, MoPub, Nexage, OneRiot, Papaya Offers, Pontiflex, Quattro, RevMob, Sellaring, Smaato, StartApp, Tapjoy, Vdopia, VSERV, Youmi, Zest #Analytics#Apsalar, Claritics, Flurry, Google Analytics, InApp, Localytics, Medialets, MixPanel, Signal360, SilverPush #Cross-platform tools#Cordova, Haxe, PhoneGap, Qt, React Native, Titanium, Xamarin.Android#Developer Tools#aChartEngine, ACRA, ActiveAndroid, AndEngine, Android NDK, Angle, Basic4Android, BugSense, Corona, Crittercism, Dropbox, Facebook, FMOD, Fortumo, Getjar, Immersion Motiv, jMonkeyEngine, libgdx, Marmalade, MonoDroid, NullWire, OpenStreetMap, PayPal, PhoneGap, PowerVR Shell, RoboGuice, RobotMedia Android Billing, Ruboto, Titanium, Twitter4j, Unity3d, Urban Airship, Xtify, Zong #Gaming#Beintoo, HeyZap, OpenFeint, Papaya Social, ScoreLoop, ScoreNinja, Skiller, Swarm #Icon Ads#Airpush Icon, LeadBolt Icon, SendDroid Icon, StartApp Icon #Licensing#Amazon Licensing, Google Licensing Service, SlideMe SlideLock *** Known issues ***Samsung Galaxy 3 keeps talking to me when on my home screens saying folder is open or similar.This seems to be an ICS/Samsung bug. It happens for some people and also with other apps that use the accessibility service such as Tasker, Light Flow and others. Try to fix it:Samsung S3: - Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Talkback "ON" - Select "Settings" from the bottom of the page - Uncheck all Talkback options - Switch Talkback "Off" again - Go back to Settings -> Application manager -> All - Disable Google TTS (text to speech) - Disable Samsung TTS (text to speech) More issue details here: DISCLAIMER:We can't guarantee that our results are 100% correct. Sometimes addons, like pushnotifications, are integrated in larger sdk's, and the developer doesn't need to use them, although we detect them. We strive to be conservative about marking apps as suspected, but errors can occur.sdk analytics, middleware analysis

Analysis results

Malicious code

  • Gain superuser privileges
  • Sideload APK

Privacy leaks

No leaks detected.

Confidential sources

  • Screenshot
  • User Input

Suspicious functions

No suspicious detected.


  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  • android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE
  • android.permission.GET_TASKS
  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE


Other URLs

  • file:///android_asset/html/

Version info

APK hash: e4040c2f9b4e24f0fbb70893da5119c86c9c4e83
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Source structure

Used libraries

    • Open source
    • Utility

    Apache Commons IO

    Collection of I/O utilities.
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    • Open source
    • Utility

    Apache Commons Codec

    General encoding/decoding algorithms (for example phonetic, base64, URL).
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    • Open source
    • Utility


    Extension of the support library designed to facilitate the use of the action bar design pattern across all versions of Android with a single API.
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    • Open source
    • Utility

    Android support library

    Simplify your development by offering more APIs that you can bundle with your application so you can worry less about platform versions
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    • Open source
    • Utility

    Apache Commons Collections

    Extends or augments the Java Collections Framework.
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APIs used

  • android.database.sqlite
  • android.view
  • java.nio
  • android.view.accessibility
  • java.lang.reflect
  • java.util.logging
  • android.os
  • android.appwidget
  • android.webkit
  • android.database
  • java.lang.ref
  • java.nio.channels
  • java.util.concurrent.locks
  • org.xmlpull.v1
  • android.widget
  • android.util
  • org.apache.http
  • java.nio.charset
  • java.text
  • org.w3c.dom
  • org.json
  • android.service.notification
  • android.content.res
  • android.view.animation
  • javax.crypto.spec
  • android.transition
  • android.preference
  • java.util.regex
  • java.lang
  • org.apache.http.impl.cookie
  • java.util
  • java.math
  • android.text.method
  • android.content
  • android.view.inputmethod
  • android.text
  • javax.crypto
  • android.provider
  • java.util.concurrent
  • android.animation
  • android.accessibilityservice
  • android.text.format

Other packages

  • a.a.a.a.a
  • b
  • com.a.a.a
  • com.addonsdetector.a.a
  • com.addonsdetector.lib.dexreader
  • com.b.a
  • com.c.a.a
  • com.d.a
  • com.d.a.a
  • com.d.a.a.a
  • com.d.a.b
  • com.e.a
  • com.e.a.a
  • com.e.a.b
  • okhttp3
  • okhttp3.internal
  • okhttp3.internal.cache
  • okhttp3.internal.cache2
  • okhttp3.internal.connection
  • okhttp3.internal.http
  • okhttp3.internal.http1
  • okhttp3.internal.http2
  • okhttp3.internal.platform
  • okhttp3.internal.tls
  • org.apache.commons.collections4
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.bag
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.bidimap
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.collection
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.comparators
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.functors
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.iterators
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.keyvalue
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.list
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.multimap
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.multiset
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.queue
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.sequence
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.set
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.splitmap
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.trie
  • org.apache.commons.collections4.trie.analyzer
  • org.ocpsoft.prettytime
  • org.ocpsoft.prettytime.format
  • org.ocpsoft.prettytime.i18n
  • org.ocpsoft.prettytime.impl
  • org.ocpsoft.prettytime.units